We love being in this business. We have always been in the helping profession and this business is no different.  At Look A Likes we believe in empowering women. When we get the chance to help someone find that right outfit to meet her needs, it is so rewarding to us.

     Just yesterday a lovely woman came into the store looking for an outfit, after asking her if she had any specific needs or wants we began chatting. She told me because she had been in the military for so long, she had a difficult time putting outfits together. The joy, excitement and smile on her face in helping her find the right fit, design and confidence is what I really love about what we do. It doesn't end there! We can help her in the future with styling. When she has a future event, no matter where she is she can contact us with the information and we can help style from afar.  

     As women we can relate to the busy lifestyles of sports moms, working mothers, mothers with new babies, stay at home moms or those who are limited on time, resources and sleep. Many times we wish there were more hours in a day and certainly more resources. We can be a resource to you through our styling. Whether you have a future event to attend or are just looking for that special weekend outfit we can help you find what you want. 

You deserve the best and don't ever let anyone tell you any differently. 



Love Janet and Sarah - Look A Likes Boutique

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