Relaxing at home in our comfies is pretty much top priority right now. While in the days of Hollywood sirens, “slipping into something more comfortable” typically meant some sort of seductive slip of silk or satin, now the trend is to change into comfy lounge pants and sweaters when you come home.

We are super excited to introduce our newest collection: Stay Home!!! Finally, comfort has become fashionable. 

Designed to be worn around the house, but smart enough so that you'll feel pulled together on off-duty days, loungewear is the perfect solution for casual dressing right now. You may want to be comfortable at home while still looking professional enough to take a video conference call. You may want to pop out to get some fresh air or take your dog for a walk. 

Tracksuits, Co-ords, sweatshirts, leggings, pajamas, lounge pants – loungewear is really a catch-all term for anything which is comfortable enough to lounge around in.

We personally find that what we're wearing has an impact on our mood. Don't you? So, upgrading those stay home comfies could make a real difference.