How to Care for Your Clothes

Buying clothes is a fun and exciting experience. Keeping those clothes fresh and crisp is a whole different story. As a boutique owner, I am so happy when a customer finds something that fits the need for the occasion or makes him or her feel and look like a million bucks, however; there is nothing more discouraging than a customer to bring back a garment after he or she has washed it to say that it has shrunk and she wants a refund or an exchange. It is especially important to read the washing and care instructions on the label of the product. I want to offer some tips on caring for your clothes. Following these tips will help you keep that special outfit for years to come. 

Dress shirts

Washing dress shirts can be a bit tricky especially if they are 100 % cotton. Even if a shirt says it is pre-washed, it is best to wash on a cold water and delicate cycle and air dry and preferably on a wooden hanger. Dryers, especially on high heat cause shrinkage, warping elastic and cause color loss because they break down the fibers in clothing. When washing or drying the agitation of the machine actually causes some shrinkage. Dry cleaning or hand washing is recommended but being busy, as we all are these days, that is not always possible. I would suggest washing shirts that have some other fabric such as polyester in them on a cold cycle and dry on air dry or low heat and use a short cycle.  For shirts that are 100% cotton, I would suggest sending them to the cleaners for long term sustainability. 


Depending on the fabric, sweaters should be washed on a cold and delicate setting. Avoid using heavy detergent that contain enzymes. You can also use 1/2 cup of white distilled vinegar to the final rinse on wool sweaters instead of detergent and your sweaters will come out clean.  Wool (including cashmere) will shrink under heat, water, and agitation. It is best to soak your wool sweater in water and gentle soap for half a day in a cool basin of water. It is recommended not to dry your sweater in the dryer but lay flat to dry and never wring.  

Another tip: Wool absorbs smells from the air like cigarette smoke or cooking smells. Washing wool in baking soda helps eliminate odors. 


Spot removal

For soiled clothes you can dab with carbonated water and a white rag. If this doesn't work use white vinegar and a gentle soap. 

To remove blood stains use hydrogen peroxide and let it bubble the blood out, then use dawn soap and water and a white rag to remove. 


That's all for today and  remember to always follow the washing instructions on the label of the clothes. We look forward to seeing you at Look a Likes or shop


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