Repurposing for Sustainability

    Buzz words such as recycle, up cycling, regenerate, and repurposing all lead to the same goal, sustainability.  Saving the planet is a great environmental endeavor and anyone can help with eco-environmental solutions.  The fashion world in the past has been notorious of waste but environmental savvy designers and boutique owners are striving for the sustainability. Designers like Walid Damirj of the UK transforms vintage materials into beautifully crafted blouses. Artsi Ifrach of Morocco uses 19th century handwoven blankets to concoct his beautiful collection and Emily Adams Bode from the USA up-cycles quilts, linens and blankets to name a few of the materials she works with to make quilted jackets.

   Last summer Look A Likes created a Collection  entitled, Vintage Vibes, a one of kind repurposed jeans,  jean jackets, and tops to make the collection. The collection did very well and we plan to bring it back in the summer. We felt it was one way for our company to help with sustainability. But repurposing is not just for  designers or business owners, anyone can help with an easy solution. Most everyone has clothes hanging in their closet that they don't wear. Get creative! Pull out all those clothes and see how many outfits you can make out of a certain favorite shirt or pants. This year is the year of bright colors. What do you have that is colorful that can be used to make a new scarf, headband or bandana? Sometimes it is as easy as using a pair of scissors. Raw hems are the rage now so cut and snip away and you don't ever have to hem!

If you have an article of clothing in your wardrobe that you don't have anything to go with bring it to the shop and we will help you find something to coordinate with it. You can help with the environment with a bit of effort and creativity!


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